Terms and Conditions

Welcome Message from Norbulinka Boutique Hotel

Dear Guest(s),

Namaste and a warm welcome to Norbulinka Boutique Hotel!

We sincerely hope that your stay with us allows you to feel at home. Norbulinka stands for peace and tranquility, and we aim to make your stay with us exactly that! The hotel is made of a modern design with comfortable and clean rooms. To make your stay at Norbulinka Boutique Hotel more comfortable with us we invite you to read this short info section.

  1. Buffet breakfast time is between 6:30AM and 10:00AM.
  2. Restaurant opening hours are 11:00AM and 10:00PM.
  3. Room service is available from 7:00AM to 10:00AM and from 11:00AM to 8:00PM.
  4. 24/7 reception service is available.
  5. Norbulinka Boutique Hotel has a cozy and charming rooftop-garden.
  6. In your bathroom you can find some complementary toiletries.
  7. Useful numbers such as reception, or restaurant can be found on top of your telephone set.

Hotel Rules & Regulations

  1. In order for every guest to enjoy the peaceful environment that Norbulinka Boutique Hotel promotes, we have set up some general rules & regulations. Please note that failing in abiding with these simple general hotel rules & regulations, can lead in a direct cancelation of your accommodation with us.
  2. All of our rooms at Norbulinka Boutique Hotel are strictly non-smoking. We kindly request to use the hotel’s designated smoking zones, as to not harm or disturb the other guests.
  3. The hotel rooms are strictly for hotel guests only, and in case of any outside visitors, we request you to entertain them either in the hotel’s lobby, or at the hotel’s restaurant.
  4. Our suite and superior rooms come with a safe, where you can store your valuables safely under lock and key. Guests staying in other rooms can deposit their valuables at the reception. Please note the Norbulinka Boutique Hotel will not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage of and to your property that is inside your booked room.
  5. Due to limited water inside Kathmandu we kindly request you not to use the bathroom for any type of laundry. Instead you can use Norbulinka Boutique Hotel’s laundry services or any outside laundry service at your discretion. 
  6. Our laundry service is not linked to Norbulinka Boutique Hotel, and in no case is the hotel liable for any damage or loss occurred to your laundry. We just provide the service as an option to make your stay more comfortable. 
  7. Cooking inside the rooms are strictly forbidden, as this can disturb other guests and the rooms are not designed to support any type of cooking. Instead we welcome you to try out our Norbulinka Boutique Hotel Restaurant on the ground floor, or simply ordering room service.
  8. As to not hamper our administration and booking team, guests are not allowed to transfer rooms to other people, even if the time of your stay has been fully paid-for, or is yet to be finished.
  9. Norbulinka Boutique Hotel has a strict No-Tolerance Policy against any type of illegal drugs. The Nepalese Government punishes hardly in cases of illegal drug consumption, or the possession of any type of illegal drugs. As so drugs on the premises are strictly forbidden and when caught the hotel will notify the authorities which than can/will result in your immediate expulsion of the hotel, a hefty fine and can even result in serious jail time. Say no to drugs!
  10. In order to maintain a peaceful environment throughout the hotel, we request you to keep the volume of music or TV on a not high frequency.
  11. Norbulinka Boutique Hotel, uses safe and easy-to-use card-keys for all rooms, you are requested to return this card-key during your check-out. Upon loss of this card-key a charge of Nepalese Rs. 600/- will occur on your final bill.
  12. Any materialistic loss, damage or vandalism of hotel property caused by you, your guest(s), or any person connected to you will be your responsibility and charged upon your final bill.
  13. Pets, or animals are not allowed on the hotel premises.
  14. Electrical appliances and room lights are to be turned off whenever you leave your room.
  15. All bills should be settled 2hours before check-out time, and you are requested to vacate your room by 12PM noon. In case of a late departure you are invited to make use of our comfortable lobby.
  16. The hotel management staff has the right to either admit or remove any guest from the hotel premises without prior notice or information.

On behalf of the entire Norbulinka Boutique Hotel team, we are excited to have you stay with us, and will to the best of our abilities make sure that your stay at Norbulinka Boutique Hotel is memorable, comfortable and most of all peaceful!